K League 1 10-10, will we see it again this year…only player with a chance is Zeca

Will we see 10-10 in K League 1 again this year? All eyes are on Zeca.

It’s pretty tough for a player to score 10 goals and 10 assists. To compete for the top scorer in the league, a player needs to score at least 15 goals, and to be the top assister, he needs to provide at least 10 assists to increase his chances. Every season, there are at least five to seven strikers who score 10 or more goals, and often more than 10. In the last 10 seasons, most of the top assist leaders have between 10 and 15 assists.

To achieve 10-10, you basically need to have a certain level of scoring ability to compete for the assist title. This was the case for Kim Dae-won (Gangwon FC) last season, and Moon Sun-min (Jeonbuk Hyundai) and Se Jing-ya (Daegu FC) in 2019. Kim Dae-won had 12 goals and 13 assists, while Se Jing-ya had 15 goals and 10 assists. Both players will need to perform at the level they did in their respective seasons if they want to contend with a 10-10 record.

The only other player who has a shot at 10-10 this season is Zeca of the Pohang Steelers. He has 12 goals and 7 assists through 35 rounds. He only needs three more assists to reach 10-10. To do the math, he needs to record one assist per game in the remaining three matches. Obviously, this is easier said than done.

However, given Zeca’s performance and style of play this season, it’s not impossible. Zeca isn’t just a goal scorer in front of goal. She’s the type of striker who drops down to the second line, or sometimes even lower, and helps out in the center and on the flanks. She has a great ability to deliver and play in the post with her back to the defense, and she often creates chances by driving the ball upfield herself and passing to her teammates. In his last season with Daegu, he scored seven goals and provided seven assists, showing a good balance of goals and assists. 무지개토토

With Ulsan Hyundai’s early victory confirmed, the eyes of fans of the clubs in Final A are now focused on individual records, including the race for Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Champions League (ACL) tickets and top scorer honors. Zeca’s ability to reach 10-10 will also be a factor to watch at the end of the season.

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