‘Korea-Japan’ soccer final ‘just one game’ to win…Hwang Sun-hong-ho, Jung Woo-young score multiple goals to beat Uzbekistan 2-1

Hwang Sun-hong’s side to meet Japan in final

The South Korean Under-24 Football Team (U-24), led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong, won their Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games quarterfinal match against Uzbekistan 2-1 at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China, on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

South Korea was led by Lee Kwang-yeon in goal, with Seol Young-woo, Park Jin-seop, Lee Han-beom and Hwang Jae-won forming the defense. Baek Seung-ho and Hong Hyun-seok were in the center, while Jung Woo-young, Lee Kang-in, and Uhm Won-sang were in the second line. Cho Young-wook started up front.

South Korea struck early. In the fourth minute of the first half, a short set piece found Hong Hyun-seok, who passed to Uhm Won-sang, who cut into the box. Uhm Won-sang sent a low, quick cross into the center of the box, and Jung Woo-young, who was in the box, slotted it in for the lead.

South Korea continued their offensive flow. In the eighth minute, there was a good link-up play. Lee Kang-in set up a fantastic link-up play after beating two Uzbek players. Cho Young-wook, Uhm Won-sang, and Jung Woo-young followed suit, but no shots were taken.

However, Uzbekistan gradually took control of the game. As Uzbekistan’s pressure intensified, Korea struggled to possess the ball. Eventually, Uzbekistan scored the equalizer. In the 25th minute, Zalolidinov attempted a direct left-footed free kick from near the penalty box, which deflected off Baek Seung-ho’s head and into the goal.

South Korea regained the lead in a shaky situation. In the 38th minute, Baek Seung-ho played a ball into the center of the box near the left side of the penalty area. While the Uzbek defense hesitated to deal with it, Jung Woo-young quickly caught up to it and calmly slotted it home.

South Korea was in trouble. In the 13th minute of the second half, the right flank collapsed and a crossed ball was met by an Uzbek striker, but Lee Han-beom got out of the way. 토토사이트

Uzbekistan’s rough play continued and eventually resulted in a red card. In the 28th minute of the second half, Buriyev received his second caution and the referee showed a red card. South Korea stabilized the game with their numerical advantage and eventually won 2-1.

They will face Japan in the final. Japan advanced to the final with a 4-0 win over Hong Kong in the first quarterfinal. This is the second consecutive tournament that has featured a Korea-Japan final after the 2018 Jakarta edition.

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