Cubs lose – Miami suspended…San Diego ‘extended life’

The San Diego Padres, who could have gotten the depressing news of being eliminated from the postseason on the off day, kept their hopes alive.

In Major League Baseball action on Monday, the Chicago Cubs fell 3-5 on the road to the Atlanta Braves.

The Cubs struggled at the plate, going 1-for-6 with runners in scoring position and stranding six runners in scoring position, as starter Marcus Stroman was pulled early after allowing four runs (two earned) on four hits and two walks in two innings.

The loss snapped a three-game losing streak and dropped the Cubs to 82-77.
On the same day, the Miami Marlins were unable to produce a result.

Playing at Citi Field, Miami gave up a run in the bottom of the eighth inning, but came right back with two runs in the top of the ninth on a double by Jayson Chisom Jr. and an RBI single by Yuli Gurriel to make it a 2-1 game.

With the loss, San Diego would be eliminated from the postseason.

But there was an unexpected twist. After more than three hours of waiting, the rain didn’t stop and a suspended game was declared.

Miami’s woes against the Mets continue as the home team’s poor grounds maintenance led to an unwanted doubleheader, followed by a suspension of a game that should have ended in a win.

Marlins president Kim Ang told local media, including the Miami Herald, that the suspended games will resume on Monday (Aug. 3) after the final game of the regular season, calling today’s incident a “very unfortunate accident.”

With Miami’s game pushed back, San Diego could play the rest of the season and still not know their fate.

At this point, they have only one option for a postseason berth: the Cubs and Miami both lose their remaining games, San Diego goes undefeated, and the Cincinnati Reds lose at least two of their three remaining games.

Of course, this hope is shattered if just one of the remaining conditions falls through. 레고토토

For starters, San Diego has a road game against the Chicago White Sox a day later with minimal hope.

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