Kim Ha-Sung 1-RBI SD, SF wins, ‘only case’ for PS still to come

San Diego keeps its hopes alive.

The San Diego Padres defeated the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on Sept. 27.

San Diego won 4-0 on the day. The Padres kept their hopes alive for the third wild card spot.

San Diego is just one win away from punching their ticket to the postseason.

With the win, San Diego is now 78-80 on the season. If they win all of their remaining games, they’ll be 82-80. The third wild card, the Chicago Cubs, would also be tied at 82-80 if they were to lose all of their remaining games. San Diego is three games behind the Cubs in head-to-head record, so if the two teams tie, San Diego loses the tiebreaker rule.

However, if a third team steps in and creates a “three-way tie”, it’s a different story. If the fourth-place Miami Marlins, who trail the Cubs by 0.5 games, win one of their remaining games and the fifth-place Cincinnati Reds lose their remaining games, Miami would be 82-80 and Cincinnati would be 81-81, leaving the Cubs, San Diego, and Miami tied at 82-80.

In a three-way tiebreaker, the head-to-head winning percentage of the three teams would determine the standings. San Diego is 3-4 against the Cubs, but has a 4-2 edge against Miami. The Cubs are just 2-4 against Miami for a head-to-head winning percentage of 0.462. Miami is 4-2 against the Cubs and 2-4 against San Diego, giving them a three-way winning percentage of exactly 5%. With the highest win percentage, San Diego can punch the third place ticket.

However, this can only happen if all the conditions are exactly right: San Diego goes undefeated in their remaining games, the Cubs and Cincinnati both lose their remaining games, and Miami goes 1-5 in their remaining games. If any of those things fall apart, San Diego is immediately eliminated from the wild-card race. 토토사이트

On the day, the Padres were led by a strong performance from starter Seth Lugo, who pitched 8.2 scoreless innings, and Juan Soto, who blasted two home runs. Soto hit a solo shot in the first inning and added a two-run shot in the seventh. In the top of the third, Kim Ha-seong singled with runners on first and third.

Kim started at second base twice on the day and went 1-for-5 with a walk and an RBI. Kim raised his batting average to .261.

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