Suwon apologizes for ‘firing two coaches in one year’ “I won’t shirk responsibility…criticism is for after the season”

Suwon Samsung has apologized for the news of the firing of head coach Kim Byung-soo.

Suwon posted a statement on the club’s social media (SNS) on the 26th, saying, “We apologize. Despite experiencing a bone-chilling nightmare last year, we are still struggling to climb out of the bottom of the table this season, and we are faced with the unfortunate situation of having two managers leave the team,” the club wrote.

“The club has taken stock of the situation and considered whether it is possible to turn things around over the next seven games and has come to the conclusion that the resignation of the manager is inevitable.”

Citing ‘responsibility’ “I won’t shy away from the responsibility of the club, but right now we’re focused on survival. After the season is over, we will accept criticism from our fans, and we would like to apologize and thank our supporters for their loud and vocal support even in the worst of times,” he said.

He concluded, “To the fans who love Suwon Samsung. Please do not withdraw your support and gather your strength to help our players overcome the crisis until the end.”

On the 26th, Suwon fired head coach Kim Byung-soo and named Yeom Ki-hoon as acting head coach. The team will play the K League until the end of the season.

“I’ve been with Suwon for a long time and I know what I need to do to make the team better, so I will do my best to get out of the relegation zone without giving up until the end,” said acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon. “I told the players, ‘You can’t do it alone. Let’s all help each other and run with one goal in mind,'” he said. I will forget about the past and only think about running from today onward,” he said in his inauguration speech.

On April 18, Suwon announced the dismissal of its head coach once before. Coach Lee Byung-geun was dismissed due to poor performance, and Choi Sung-yong took over as acting head coach. Shortly afterward, the team handed the baton to Kim Byung-soo, 메이저사이트 who was also fired for poor performance.

After 31 rounds of play, Suwon is in 12th place in the K League 1 with five wins, seven draws, 19 losses, and 22 points. They are chasing 11th-place Gangwon FC (25 points) and 10th-place Suwon FC (29 points). The 12th place finisher in the K-League is directly relegated to the K-League 2 next season. Suwon has never been relegated to the second division since its inception.

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