‘I’m a striker, 1 goal in 6 games, 5 cautions’ Chelsea FW gets 5 yellow cards for off-field behavior → banned from next game

Chelsea forward Nicola Jackson has been suspended for indiscretion.

Chelsea lost 0-1 to Aston Villa in the sixth round of the 2023/24 Premier League season at Stamford Bridge in London, England, on Sept. 24 (ET). In addition to failing to find the back of the net, striker Nicolas Jackson picked up his fifth yellow card of the season and will miss the next game.

Ahead of the season, Chelsea signed Nicola Jackson from Villarreal. The Blues paid €37 million ($52.6 billion) for the transfer and signed Jackson to an eight-year contract.

Chelsea lost Christopher Nkunku, who was expected to lead the attack before the season began, to a left knee meniscus injury. Another striker, Armando Broja, was also not at full fitness due to injury.

That left only Jackson in the Chelsea front line. Chelsea needed his performance, but Jackson was a poor goal scorer. On top of that, he was picking up yellow cards for behavior that had nothing to do with the game, giving him five cautions in six league games.

Jackson was shown a yellow card in the first leg against Liverpool for protesting the referee. He was also cautioned in the second round against West Ham for expressing his dissatisfaction with a refereeing decision.

In the fourth round against Nottingham Forest, he accumulated another caution for challenging the referee. In round five, against Bournemouth, he received a yellow card for protesting a decision. One more caution and he was facing a one-match ban.

Despite the need to be cautious in his play, Jackson didn’t let the yellow card bother him too much. In the last six rounds, he also received a five-minute caution in the second half. He was cautioned for interfering with an opposing goalkeeper’s kick. A card for behavior unnecessary to the game.

After the game, Pochettino said: “Young players like Jackson need time. They make mistakes, they experience and they grow. 먹튀검증 We need to change as soon as possible because we keep losing.”

It’s not normal for an attacker who isn’t even a defender to have five yellow cards in six games. Considering that the team doesn’t have many players who can play up front, Jackson should have been more cautious. Chelsea were forced to rely on Broja, who had just returned from injury.

After accumulating five yellow cards, Jackson will miss the next game. Chelsea travels to Fulham on Sept. 3.

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