Park Byung-ho summoned the ‘red soil mare’… Like Lee Jung-hoo, he writes the myth of ‘Baseball Man II’

“Park Byung-ho was a powerhouse, Lee Seung-min is now.”

Lee Seung-min (19-Hwimungo), the “red-earth colt,” wears the SSG uniform. His father is too famous. Lee Byung-kyu “Red Tomah” Lee (49) is the head coach of Samsung. Lee Seung-min called him his “idol. And Lee Jung-hoo (25-KIUM).

Lee was selected by SSG in the second round of the 2024 KBO Draft on Thursday. He was the 20th overall pick and the fifth outfielder.

He is an outfielder from baseball’s prestigious Whimungo. As a sophomore in 2022, he hit .315 with one home run, 10 RBIs, and a 1.035 OPS in 15 games. In his junior year, he batted .328 with one home run, 16 RBIs, and a .905 OPS in 19 games. 스포츠토토

His power is a standout. SSG head coach Kim Sung-yong said, “He has a lot of hitting talent. In high school, he played center field, but he is also thinking about first base. Kim Hyun-soo also looks at the outfield, but he also looks at first base. We want to utilize his hitting. I want to focus on utilizing my offense as much as possible,” he explained.

Commentator Park Yong-taek said, “I’ve seen it since I was a kid, but the power is real. Since I’ve been in LG, I’ve seen a lot of special players with good power. Park Byung-ho, Lee Sung-yeol, Chung Jung-yoon, Lee Jae-won. Lee Seung-min is like that. I think he went to SSG well,” he said favorably.

Park Yong-taek is LG’s franchise star. He joined LG in 2002 and announced his retirement after the 2020 season. His official retirement ceremony was held in 2022. He spent 19 years with LG.

Obviously, he”s seen a lot of players. As a result, there are many players who have been compared to Lee. Speaking of power, Park Byung-ho’s name came up. He also mentioned Lee Jae-won, LG’s current “big gun prospect. “These guys are different, and so is Lee Seung-min,” said Park Yong-taek.

Lee is known for being the son of Lee Byung-gyu. He is also known as the ‘red soil colt’ after his father’s nickname, ‘red soil horse’. “It’s a nickname I really like,” Lee laughed.

Having a superstar father can put a lot of pressure on a player. No matter what you do, you’ll be compared to him. Lee is no different. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t conscious of it, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel pressure. Still, I got to play professionally. I was selected in the fastest order. I will continue to overcome,” he vowed.

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