‘Four games without a win + work-from-home controversy’ Klinsmann says Wales is a guillotine match…”If we don’t win, we’ll get hammered”

“If we don’t improve our results in the A-match this month, I will be sacked”

This is what Jürgen Klinsmann said to the BBC. The South Korean national soccer team has two upcoming A matches against Wales on the 8th and Saudi Arabia on the 13th.

The mood in South Korea under Klinsmann is not good. The team hasn’t tasted victory in any of its four A matches since Klinsmann took over, with two draws and two losses.

And it hasn’t just been against the big boys. The team has hosted quality opponents such as Colombia, Peru, and El Salvador, but hasn’t been able to come away with a satisfactory result.

The preparation for the A-Match of the Month was also not smooth. Klinsmann wasn’t even in Korea when the roster was announced. The fact that the roster was announced through a press release rather than a press conference was somewhat puzzling.

The underlying problem is that Klinsmann is rarely in Korea. Contrary to what he said when he was hired, Klinsmann has only spent about two months in Korea since his appointment in February.

The BBC noted that “Klinsmann runs the national team by remote control. Initially, he said he would live in South Korea like his predecessor, but in six months, he has spent just 67 days in the country.”

Ahead of this month’s A match, there was a sudden change in the coaching staff. Coach Michael Kim, who had been with the team since the days of Paulo Bento, stepped down from his duties due to personal reasons.

Concerns were raised. The general consensus was that the sudden absence of Michael Kim, who had been traveling to the K League to check on the players on Klinsmann’s behalf, was a big loss for the national team.

A win against Wales is a must. Even a win would be an exaggeration. Even with a win, Klinsmann has only a 20 percent win rate against Wales. That’s the lowest win percentage of any national team coach in history.

The only hope is the form of the players. Striker Son Heung-min warmed up for his national team debut with a hat trick. Hwang Hee-chan has also found the back of the net and has surpassed his A-match goal tally. 온라인바카라

Key defender Kim Min-jae, a Ballon d’Or nominee, has also been in top form as he quickly settled into life at Bayern Munich. Klinsmann just needs to get the best out of the players who have arrived in top form.

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