Jeju’s future, Seo Jin-soo and Kim Bong-soo, share their dreams with local students.

Seo Jin-soo and Kim Bong-soo of professional soccer’s K League 1 Jeju United transformed into one-day mentors for local dreamers.

On the 24th, Jeju said, “For the opening ceremony of the 3rd Seogwipo City Youth Career Festival, signature players Seo Jin-soo and Kim Bong-soo attended and held a fan signing session.” “The players transformed into daily mentors and helped local dreamers choose their careers. In particular, they shared their experiences and impressions from the K League stage with the students, serving as a guide to career experiences.”

The 3rd Seogwipo City Youth Career Festival, which will be held at the Seogwipo Arts Center for three days from the 24th, is open to local elementary, middle, and high school students, teachers, and parents.

In particular, the event not only operates various experience booths under the theme of ‘Dream to Job’, but also has various programs to develop career design capabilities for local students, such as student club performances, various career job experiences, exhibitions, ‘Countdown’ to the Dream Challenge, Jeju Youth Culture and Arts Career Camp, and E-Sports Game Competition. 카지노사이트

Seo Jin-soo, who attended the event, said through the club, “As a former Jeju Youth Team player, meeting with local students is special. I gained and learned more from the interaction. Seeing the students motivated me to work harder.” Kim Bong-soo said, “In Jeju, I became the professional athlete I dreamed of and had the opportunity to be selected for the national age group team. I conveyed to the students the momentum of my dreams that I felt and saw in Jeju. I made a promise to myself to do my best.”

The event was organized and hosted by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Seogwipo City, Seogwipo City Education Support Agency, Seogwipo City Education Development Fund, and sponsored by DreamKi Education and Culture Center. It is supported by Jeju MBC, Jeju International Free City Development Center (JDC), Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Development Corporation, Asung Technical College, and Seogwipo City Youth Training Facility.

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