Ulsan prepares for ‘Mint Uniform – Water Bomb’, fans respond with 30,000 spectators

Ulsan Hyundai’s new challenge on a hot summer night was a huge success. In front of 30,000 fans, the team showed the full power of the K League 1 leaders.

Ulsan Hyundai won 1-0 against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 27th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Munsugui Stadium in Ulsan, South Korea.

With the win, Ulsan extended its lead at the top of the standings with 19 wins, three draws and three losses to 60 points.

It was the 111th Hyundai derby win for Ulsan, which evened their record at 41 wins, 29 draws and 41 losses in 111 matches.

In particular, 3,756 fans packed the Munsuguk Stadium. It was the largest home crowd this season.

In addition, the number of uniformed fans at Munsuguro was 9814 (31.6%). The mint-colored jerseys, which were released for the summer and symbolize Ulsan’s blue color, were seen everywhere.

Last season, Ulsan drew 74513 fans at home, but this season’s attendance was even higher. Thanks to the K League 1 title and the efforts of the Ulsan front office, the team has averaged 16461 fans per game this season. On this day, the average attendance increased again with over 30,000 fans in attendance.

Hyundai’s interest in the derby has already been demonstrated this season. In February, Ulsan hosted Jeonbuk for the opening match, attracting 280,393 fans. It was the highest attendance of the season.

Interest was also high ahead of the match. Despite the sweltering weather, the first and second tiers of the stadium filled up quickly after ticket sales began. More than 24,000 seats were already sold. And 30,000 fans showed up at the stadium.

In particular, Ulsan made a great effort. The mint-colored uniforms worn by the Ulsan players on that day were not made on a whim. They had already ordered the jerseys in advance, making thorough preparations from the season opener.

“We wanted to create a new experience for our fans while preparing for this season, so we prepared special uniforms and launched the mint-colored jerseys as planned,” said an Ulsan official. “The jerseys were sold out before the Hyundai derby. We are very grateful that so many people came to the stadium wearing them.”

Ordering jerseys in advance is not an easy task for a K League club. It is difficult to predict the number of sales, and even basic orders cannot be fulfilled unless they are made on a large scale, so they prepared fiercely. However, Ulsan had already accumulated data on the number of fans wearing the jerseys in recent years by releasing them to the public, and the mint-colored jerseys were created as a result.

They also prepared to beat the hot weather. They prepared water bombs in the stadium, similar to the water night events that have recently become popular among young people. The team prepared for the home fans to cheer hard in the hot weather. 바카라사이트

We made sure that there were no dangerous situations. We worked closely with the supporters to prepare, and the fans had a great time on the soccer field on a summer night without any problems.

Hong Myung-bo and Uhm Won-sang were grateful for the fans’ great support. “I think Ulsan has the best fans,” he said after the game, “I’ve played and coached in many countries and leagues, but there are no better fans than the Ulsan fans.

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