‘Exposure war resumes after 2 years’ Lee Da-young snipes at feuding Kim Yeon-kyung “I will unravel more evidence in the future”

Former professional volleyball player Lee Da-young of Heungkuk Life has revealed that she was bullied by her former teammate, volleyball queen Kim Yeon-kyung.

The revelation comes more than two years and six months after she posted a post on her personal channel that appeared to be a snipe at Kim Yeon-kyung.

On the 18th, Lee posted on her personal channel, “The second installment of the ‘Lee Jae-young’s interview article’ that was posted on the media today was deleted for unknown reasons in about 15 minutes. At the end of the article, I also attached a photo of the evidence of what was mentioned in the article. I will release more evidence in the future,” she wrote.

The photo Lee posted was a long text message she sent to Kim. In it, she wrote, “I was scared and terrified when I practiced every day. It’s so hard because everyone knows that my sister ignores and hates me when I compete or practice. I know it’s because I keep doing things that you don’t like. I will be more careful.”

Kim Yeon-kyung replied to Lee Da-young’s lengthy post, saying, “Even if it’s hard and scary for you because I did that, put up with it. I don’t like you and I’m uncomfortable with you, too.”

Lee’s twin sister Lee Jae-young’s interview on her personal channel also stands out as it seems to foreshadow the revelation.

In the interview, Lee Jae-young said, “I know the reason very well, but I will keep my mouth shut for now. I have all the documents related to what happened during my time with the player at Heungkuk Life. One day it will all be revealed. There are no secrets in the world.”

Meanwhile, Lee was found dead in February 2021 at the Heungkuk Life accommodation in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. At the time, she posted on her personal channel, “The bully may be funny, but the one being bullied wants to die,” sparking 소닉카지노 speculation of a conflict with Kim Yeon-kyung.

However, the “bullying” controversy flared up after several victims revealed that they were bullied in school by sisters Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young. Eventually, the two were suspended indefinitely from the national team for tarnishing their image and moved to PAOK in Greece.

Lee, who played in Greece and Romania, left for her new club, French Ligue 1 side Bolero Le Canero, on May 5. Lee is currently staying in South Korea after returning home from PAOK due to injury.

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