Neymar visits PSG training ground after ‘holding Lee’s hand’… Neymar ‘hugs’ feuding Mbappe, says final goodbye

Neymar, 31, visited the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) training center to say goodbye to Lee Kang-in, 22.
“Neymar said goodbye to the players at the PSG campus today,” PSG said on its official social media accounts on Sunday (July 17). The video shows Neymar and the players saying goodbye.

Neymar hugs and greets each player individually. In particular, he approached Lee Kang-in, who was warming up on the mat, grabbed his hand and spoke to him briefly. He also hugged Kylian Mbappe, with whom he has been feuding. The PSG players lined up in two rows and patted Neymar on the back as he passed between them. Luis Enrique was all smiles and patted Neymar on the back. Neymar then embraced his Brazilian teammate Marquinhos. Neymar posed for photos with the PSG players one last time. He was all smiles as he stood alongside Marco Verratti, who has been linked with a move to Il Hilal.

Neymar left PSG, where he played for six years, and officially joined Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal on April 16. “We have signed Neymar, who played for PSG and the Brazilian national team. The contract is for two years.” Al Hilal released a photo of Neymar in the jersey, saying, “Neymar has joined the ‘Leaders of Asia’. History is about to be made.”
Neymar’s exact salary was not disclosed, but according to European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, he will earn a total of $400 million ($534.2 million) in incentives through 2025.

In a video released on the club’s official channel, Neymar signed the contract in person and then changed into Al Hilal’s blue jersey. Neymar continued to be photographed, striking his trademark comical poses.

Neymar said: “I won a lot of titles in Europe, met a lot of players and had a very happy and special time. Now I want to make history at Al Hilal,” he said. “The Saudi league has a lot of energy and quality players. It’s where I’m making the most progress right now. This was a big factor in my decision to join the club.”
“Al Hilal is one of the best big clubs in Asia with a huge fan base. The club has come to me at the right time and I am looking forward to playing my best football here.” 먹튀검증

Neymar’s arrival at Al Hilal also marked the end of his ‘bromance’ with Lee Kang-in. The two were often seen chatting and joking around in training and on the pitch. At a PSG Open training session at the Busan Asiad Stadium earlier this month, Neymar pranked Lee by grabbing his wrist and lifting him up for a “forced bow” as the crowd cheered for Lee. Neymar’s friendly antics brought a smile to Lee’s face.

The day before, Lee and Neymar shared an emotional goodbye on social media. Lee posted on his social media, “It was a short time, but it was special to me. Thank you Neymar. I wish you all the best,” he said. Neymar responded, “It was a short time, but you are already in my heart.

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