“Kim Min-jae is a Korean mite, a Tuchel dream player” – Son Heart – Soccer Shoes is also paying attention… ‘Superstar’ treatment already

Park Ji-Sung, 42, the “father of international soccer,” didn’t get the same kind of attention during his time at Manchester United. While his name will live on in United’s history, he specialized in making his teammates shine rather than taking the spotlight. This was true off the field as well, due to his quiet nature.
But that has changed now. From Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham Hotspur), who became the first Asian to score in the English Premier League (EPL), to Lee Kang-in (22), who joined France’s top club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), to Kim Min-jae (27), who is waiting for the season to start at Germany’s top team Bayern Munich.

Kim Min-jae, in particular, has already been treated like a “superstar” by the local media upon his arrival in Germany. Munchner Merkur, a regional daily newspaper in Bavaria, Germany, took a special interest in him on the 16th (KST) with the headline ‘A lively monster: central defender Kim Min-jae’.

Numerous local media outlets have already covered Kim’s strengths and the story behind his signing. After playing in the K League, Kim raised concerns when he chose to go to China instead of going directly to Europe, but he eventually succeeded in moving to Turkkiye Fenerbahçe, and after just one season, he moved to Napoli in Italy, where he became the best defender in Serie A, leading the team to its first title in 33 years, and now he is wearing the jersey of the strongest team in Germany.

Through practice matches and the Super Cup, Kim made a short but strong impact. Mistakes were made, but it didn’t matter. Fans and local media were in awe of the player after seeing him in action.
This interest even extends to his personal life. “Tuchel’s ‘dream player’ Kim Min-jae comes from Napoli. Here’s what you need to know about the ‘Korean tick'”. 토토사이트

First, it noted the enthusiasm for Kim in Munich: “The athletic monster is much loved. Football fans wearing Napoli and Fenerbahçe jerseys caught the eye of people walking down Munich’s Maximiliansstrasse last week,” he explains, “They lurked in front of the Four Seasons Hotel to take pictures of Bayern’s new defensive star, which proves that the popular Kim has made a lasting impression at his former club.”

They also expressed interest in the residence of a foreign player in a strange land. “In the future, supporters will wait in vain for Kim in front of the Nobel dormitory, where most new faces initially stay,” the outlet said, adding, “Kim will now move to his own place. This is not a secret known only to insiders.”

Kim’s every gesture was closely watched. “During his first shoot as a Bayern star, Kim sometimes posed with a special gesture. He crossed his thumb and index finger. What looks like an X at first glance is a symbol of love for his fans, known as the Korean heart.” A representation of a small Korean hand heart.
The article also shed light on Kim’s personality off the field. “Nicknamed a monster for his uncompromising demeanor on the turf, Kim has a softer side even during his three-week military service,” the outlet said.

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